Thursday, November 14, 2013

There is always Tomorrow!

An Artist's career always begins tomorrow.
-James McNeill Whistler

It is taking so much longer than I ever thought possible to settle our new home. I am still working on creating a sewing space in the attic. Sometimes you need to just find a quite spot to create, but moving the same boxes to different places over and over is tedious. I feel like a child on a long car trip continually asking the question "Are we there yet?" Well maybe tomorrow I will find room for it all.

Work has continued on the block with a rose. I also had a fun project creating crown/tiara and scepter for a friend. She was surprised to receive it and it really made her laugh.  I will share both below.

Our Garden Rose

Silk Ribbon Rose added to the crazy quilt block
Materials needed for the Crown/Tiara and Scepter
It was made just for fun.

Embroidered white wool felt and backed the ready made crown.
Spray painted the dowel and added a second crown by hot glue.
Glued rhinestones onto the sequins of the crowns. Hot glued it to a glittered hair band.

Closeup of the Crown.

Time to go back to creating muscles moving boxes…or should I say creating aches and pains I will feel tomorrow.
Until next time...

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