Friday, October 18, 2013

Patience IS a Virtue. Yes I am still working on perfecting mine.

 As my husband says " It is all about how you handle the curve balls in life". We have had a few since moving ... Renovations that took longer than we expected, knee surgery for my husband, a new grand daughter, and exciting job opportunities. We love it here and are finally finding our way. We have been through a major renovation on the house, 12 weeks to be exact on just the kitchen, with plaster dust, washing dishes in a utility sink, and workman in house.  As you can image this whole process was not conducive for creativity, but we are thrilled to be on the other side and moving forward. The kitchen and new laundry were first and foremost in this old home renovation - glad to have a safe kitchen (the old cook top was under cabinets) and a laundry on the second floor. I still do not have a sewing room yet, but hope to eek out a temporary space in the finished part of the 3rd floor until I have a permanent space created. I will have no worries of plaster dust on my silk and it will be a joy to sew on a permanent table. Working on the card table made for some great laughs. The vibrations from the sewing machine bounced the table while I worked on an heirloom bonnet for our newest grandchild. Picture trying to sew while traveling on a bus.

 And in September- the greatest blessing of all - another grand baby.
The greatest Blessings of all our Grandchildren

    My husband Dean and I have also become licensed tour guides while the house was torn apart. Our new business website. We love our new home and enjoy volunteering in the community. Giving tours in retirement is an amazing way to share this magical city with so many people visiting each year and it leaves plenty of opportunity to create in my down time.
     Now that the kitchen and laundry room items are out of the 3rd floor and back in place, I can create a space for my sewing and embroidery supplies. I have had withdrawal from not having my fabrics, ribbons, and floss where I can see them daily. I can attest to Patience being a virtue and I am working on it.

Until Next time...

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  1. House renovations would try the patience of Job! The kitchen is splendid and definitely worth the wait, dust and drama. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your beautiful grand baby. A priceless gift indeed.


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