Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Upcycle -Garden Bench

Recently we purchased a home that had a neglected garden. In the garden was a bench. I loved the cast iron features, but the bench was literally rotting a way. The slats had actually pulled away from the ends and would collapse if anyone sat on it. Given the price of decorative pieces and the fact I love iron of any kind, the back has been repurposed in our daughter's college bookcase. (We also saved the legs for another project!)

This poor bench was once a beauty I am sure.

The back is repurposed as a decorative element on the bookcase.
It was quite heavy - we made sure it was secure.
Quick and easy. Just dismantle and reuse. We even loved the patina!
See you next Wednesday!


  1. A great idea! It looks great in there!

  2. Hi Debra,

    So glad that you were able to use that lovely ironwork from the chair - looks fabulous.
    Happy week


  3. Just the sort of wreck that would be thrown away. Delighted to see it re-purposed. Imagine what it would cost to buy something like that in a decorator store. ann :-)


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