Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bridal Monogram

Any one who knows me is aware one of my favorite things is embroidered monograms. I think it is because the time it takes to design and embroider something so personal. Rarely do you find a monogram perfect for someone else. Well...our youngest daughter realized that was not true...her initials being ABC...she noted happily as a child she could find her "monogram" everywhere. For the most part a monogram is unique and special. The monogram for the Bride and Groom-G for their family name, H for the Bride, and A for the Groom.

Create the monogram on graph or notebook paper. Trace over it with a black permanent marker. Place the monogram under the fabric and lightly trace over the monogram with pencil.

Embroider over the lines to create the monogram. The basic monogram is done, next blog will have the fun decorative designs to embellish it. Additional symbolism was added with the cross being placed in the foreground. They met through their faith and it is the central to their lives. The G is solid because they are creating the foundation for a new family. Their initials are open to one another but linked through the G. The background fabric is the Bride's aunt's wedding gown. The piece will be attached to her Bridal purse since we did not have enough clear fabric to create a purse with.
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  1. Wow Debra! your embroidered monogram is tres elegante!! Can't wait to see phase twol
    I've never tried one like yours, only something similar with Italics and not so detailed. Your work inspires me. Bravo!!
    Do you have a book with inspirations? If not, I'd like to send you one I have.
    Love to you.

  2. Hi Debra,

    I too love Monograms and this is wonderful how you have embroidered this for the bride and groom, for the bridal purse.
    What a beautiful heirloom gift, for them to treasure. Thanks for showing, how you did this.

    Happy week

  3. Gorgeous! And I love the thoughts and symbolism that went into the creation!
    Jan Ward


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