Friday, May 14, 2010

Cast on Stitches

It was an honor for me to be able to speak and teach at the Wings Falls Quilt Guild last Saturday
Their kindness was wonderful to a novice like me. Forgetting to speak with the microphone one of my biggest embarrassments, but they were great.

I promised the ladies I taught that I would share the stitches that we worked with.
First up is the cast on. I know a few of you know it, so it will be a refresher course.

To create the stitch:
Thread your needle with perle cotton. Bring the thread from behind the fabric to the front.
You will be working on the surface of the fabric. Take a small "bite" of the fabric.Begin by twisting the perle around your finger and then casting on the needle. This is similar to knitting or tatting I am told. The number of times you cast on will create the size of your petal.

Move the thread from left to right behind the needle. Place your thumb over the stitches on the needle and pull the the needle out of the stitches.

After you pull the thread tail through the stitches on the needle, it will create the petal. Bring the thread to the back of the fabric, going through close to where you originally came out from the back. The beginning and end of the stitch should be close to the other. The only place I do this differently is when I designed my birds.

The violet petals were made with two different colors using the cast on stitches.
the bird, my own design, incorporates cast on stitches.
So think of them alone or as a component of the design you would like to work on.

Fish scales were an obvious choice instead of a flower petal.

We have prom this weekend. The trolley will be parked in front of our home to take my youngest daughter and her friends to their senior prom. Should be exciting.


  1. The Wings Falls Quilt Guild was fortunate to have you teaching last Saturday, Debra. This is an interesting stitch. I am going to try. I've never heard of this one before. It's wonderful that you are a mother that has her own interests. I also have always admired this quality in my mom. It gives power to a child to see a mother like you.
    I bet your daughter will beautiful tonight!!
    I'll am thinking of you!!


  2. I haven't done any embroidery in a very long time. My BRF just sent me a book on Crazy quilting with a good number of embroidery stitches. One of these days! Your work is fabulous and the quild was very lucky to have you teach. It will be alot of fun seeing your daughter and her friends all dressed up. Enjoy! Connie204

  3. Thank you for sharing some of your beautiful work, I just wish I had the time for that sort of thing!

    I hope your daughter enjoys her prom, although I'm not sure what a 'trolley' is! (I can only picture a supermarket trolley and I'm sure that's wrong!!) :D

  4. What an incredible embroidery! Your stich is fabulous!

  5. I am delighted to read that your lecture went so well. What a treat for the ladies. That's an interesting stitch and your embroidery is stunning. Thank you for the lovely comments on my recent posts. Ann :-)

  6. If your guild friends enjoyed your program even half as much as I enjoyed your blog, they were very pleased! Thanks for sharing here too! ---"Love"

  7. What a fabulous stitch Debra! I really need to take some time and do some stitching myself.

    How wonderful that you spent time teaching some of your stitching.

    I hope the prom went well, I am sure that your daughter was beautiful!

  8. Hi Debra,

    Your work is exquisite and thanks for sharing your lovely embroidery with us.
    Glad that the lecture went well and how lucky that you were able to share your talent.
    It is so neat that there is a resurgent of this wonderful work.



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