Friday, May 7, 2010

Before and After

Others say that there is a time before
and a time after a cancer diagnosis.
I have also read that it is a time to start over.
You think about things differently.
They try to live life more fully,
to love more,
exercise more, to eat better,
and in general to make positive changes.
The shock has worn off and the other side is in view.
Life is different.
I am not sure how yet, that remains to be seen.
Am I going through all this to help others in some way?
-not sure , but I have faith everything happens for a reason.
Life has yet to unfold that mystery.
I did want all of you to know that I will need some down time,
not sure when since the schedule has not been set up.
We have decided to not deal with 7 wks the radiation and head for the surgical options.
After talking with Radiation oncologist, Oncologist, and my Surgeon,
it seems to be the best option for me in terms of heading off recurrence with my type of cancer.
It will mean a longer recovery, but we were more comfortable with the percentages with
surgery rather than radiation.
I am not sure when I will be up and running again.
Preparation includes having projects to work on and books to read during this time.
Think of the fun projects I can dream up to share.
I am speaking and teaching tomorrow for a Quilt guild.
It is an exciting opportunity.
It is an honor considering I joined in 1992 only to have my life placed on
hold when one of my children was ill and needed me.
I was never able to attend, other than that one meeting,
and now they requested I speak to them.
God does work in mysterious ways!
Sharing some of the techniques in the following blogs is on the agenda for me.
I will keep you posted with my schedule.
Thanks again for all the emails, support, and kindness.
It means a great deal to me.


  1. Hello Dear Debra,
    Thank you for sharing your story here. Your grace helps others (and not only survivors), but all who struggle with devastating life changing news. Your attitude of hope is the badge of courage you wear on your heart and wear so well.

    May you always find joy in sharing your talents!
    Creativity is a blessing in so many ways.

    May you be surrounded by kindness and peace as you prepare for your surgery.

    May God continue to bless you with perfect health! Know that I will be praying for you. Sending smiles.


  2. hello my friend,
    i will be praying for you, every step of the way. and yes, God does work in mysterious ways.: )

    i send you light and love, and oh so many blessings.
    love ya, love ya,

  3. Hi Debra, you have always been an inspiration to me with your talents, creativity and now your courage. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. You appear to have the right attitude, and where there is hope there is life. Without hope we wither up and die.

    I know you have the strength to go through this and come out a winner.

  5. So many tough decisions for now and later! I'd refer you to Proverbs 3:5-6. My prayers are with you! ---"Love"

  6. Everyone has commented so beautifully - a reflection of the beauty you share through your blog. You have an extraordinary journey ahead of you and you will be tested time and again. Be unwavering in your determination to live and enjoy life by whatever means you see fit. Ann :-)

  7. I hope your surgery is successful and takes care of the big C once and for all. I hope that by reading your blog and sometimes commenting, all of us can help you pass through the trying times. Good luck and please, please, please if you feel down, shout out loud - I'm sure your readers will shout back encouragement and sympathy.

  8. Happy Mother's Day, sunshine!


  9. i am a friend of constance!
    thinking,hoping, and praying for the very best for you!

  10. Hi Debra,

    I have come over, via Constance's blog and isn't she always the lovely one thinking and caring for others.
    I really hope everything will go well for you and
    my thoughts and prayers are with you.


  11. constance is tying all our hearts together in true compassion. and she has chosen you for all our love offerings of prayer and healing.
    and with each arrival we find that our hearts are filled with your beauty.

    such is the sweetness of caring. we come so willing to give and find in giving such sweet nourishment.

    holding you in strength.

  12. Hi Debra,

    I found you through Constance... I'm also sending you positive thoughts and prayers upstairs.

  13. Hi, Hope that your recovery will be quick and you come out the other way with a grand new projects that come from your dreams.

  14. Hello Debra, You wrote this post a couple of days before I started chemo and did not even know about you yet. How grateful I was when I found you, or your found me. I miss you, so I was exploring around in your blog, and I needed a little hope today, so I'm borrowing some from you. love u Sister. wgd


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