Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lilacs Completed

Well the search is still on for the missing camera disk.

We had to go out and buy a new one, but we will now have a spare.
The lilacs are completed and will be framed. In the current picture the oval mat is just laying upon the finished embroidery. It will be stretched and then framed to take the wrinkles out.
I added the bees because that is the meaning of my name Debra.
I hope my surgeon likes it.
I met with the radiation oncologist yesterday. The shock of hearing I have cancer has finally worn off. Now the reality is sinking in. I no longer feel that I am referring to someone else. I think the 7 weeks of going everyday for radiation (except Saturday and Sunday)
will cement that reality. The people who work there are all very caring and extremely kind.
I am truly fortunate the cancer was caught so early.
I am blessed.
Please ladies get those mammograms.


  1. Your surgeon will love it!

    Keeping you in my thoughts. I know you have lots of support around you. Yes, you are blessed. :)

  2. The lilacs are stunning and I love the little bees! My dad had seven weeks of radiation therapy. I realise that it's easy for me to say, but a positive approach to your treatment and its outcomes is terribly important in the management of your cancer. I encourage you to avail yourself of the wonderful support groups usually attached to the treatment centre. Remember that the people who will be caring and treating you want very much for you to do well.
    Listen to your body. Do what you can and rest when you need it. I'm sorry to say all this in such a public forum but I don't have your email. *hugs* Ann :-)

  3. I love the lilacs; so will your doctor!
    Tonight I talked to my cousin who recently joined a cancer support group, and he is actually enjoying it and learning so much about how to deal with his problem. Even more exciting, he has become an encourager to the others in the group; he just loves it. No doubt you could do that too! ---"Love"

  4. Beautiful as usual! Truly stunning work. Keep up your positive attitude. I know you'll get through this. HUGS! Christine


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