Thursday, October 15, 2009

How many days until Christmas......?

Time seems to be flying by these days. We celebrated our youngest daughter's last homecoming weekend and dance. She is a senior in high school. Where did the time go? We had about 25 people in our home taking pictures and enjoying goodies before the dance. The leaves are coming down and the weather is turning cold. Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

We also had the interview by a reporter for the article on our home for the Christmas or holiday issue of the local magazine. They are featuring our home and decorations that were done on a budget. Perfect I think for the economy. It will be fun to finally see the pictures taken last January in the holiday issue.

In the midst of the holiday scramble work did continue on the Dragon.
The dragon is now breathing fire. Using short and long stitches the basic shape was created. Metallic thread and seed beads add the sparkle.

I read somewhere that Christmas is just 87 days away. I guess I get confused when they start putting Christmas out with the Back to school sales. The numerous months of Christmas marketing lulls me into a false sense of abundant time before the holiday arrives. Before I know it, the holidays are already here. Some year I will have to start making presents in July.
Handmade Christmas gifts this year will be few, but I do have a few in stained glass. The flat panel with the crystals and this candle holder. I have ventured out into a dimensional theme. Here is start of candle holder. I am designing as I go. My teacher is being a real sport to help me figure out how to create something other than a flat panel. I will continue adding leaves on the vine and then a butterfly. I am really enjoying the process of the free form creation. No pattern,
not staying in the lines so to speak. I wonder what that says about me?

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  1. The rush before Christmas is always something I try to prepare for, and I live in hope of mastering it one day!

    Stained glass presents are a lovely idea. I always try to make as many presents as I can too.

  2. Yes Debra, here the Christmas decorations are already in the shops - pity they are last year's that didn't sell. I think it's wonderful that you like to take your crafts to another level. The dragon is looking good. The way you stitch the fire is so clever! Ann :)

  3. How wonderful that your home is going to be featured, and your decorations!

    Your dragon's fire looks great, I love the Dragon!

    It's wonderful that your instructor is willing to work with you on an individual basis. I think that you can get so much more from instruction that fits you and your desire to learn. The candle holders are going to be beautiful!


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