Thursday, June 25, 2009

Marble Table Top Step one

In the prior blog we worked on marbling pillar candles. Now you can step up to marbling a table top.

The Inspiration:

I needed a small hall table at the end of the stairs. This area connects our family room and breakfast area. We had a heavy cast iron fireplace screen from our former home. The iron blends with the stairway iron. The top railings are wood. I had a leftover scrap wood top that I added to the firescreen to create a table. When the photographer for the photo shoot of the house was here he suggested a scrap piece of granite. It was a great idea. We have several antique tables that have real marble tops. Instead of the cost of granite or stone, why not paint what I have. I love creating realistic versions of marble in paint. I am self taught, so if I can do this, so can you. It is easy . I promise


Using a foam roller cover the entire surface with a primer. I use an easy water clean up version. It saves a great deal of time both in clean up and drying time. Stay consistent. If you use oil paint, use oil based products throughout. Don't mix them with water based.
You can also have your primer tinted to the base coat of the marble. In this case it really does not matter. If I paint wood grain for example, I will tint it accordingly. Sometimes the white of the primer can change the final outcome.

While this coat dries I am off to add more pea gravel to the walkways in the garden.

Until next time...
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