Monday, June 1, 2009


It has been one of those weeks. Replacing my car after only 37,000 miles was a big surprise for us. The stress of dealing with an auto corporation warranty was tough. Making a decision about a new car, with the precarious situation in the auto industry, just added to the stress.
We needed to escape. Not far, but just far enough to leave the worries behind. We went to our little town of Saratoga Springs and played tourist. The farmer's market opened for the season. The flowers and veggies were beautiful. We then strolled the streets and window shopped. I loved the little handbag and the pink dress with the unusual pinwheels. The petals of the handbag reminded me of my water lily pincushion. The architecture of of the city and the flowers along the sidewalks are always beautiful. Our town is known for Health, History, and Horses. We have the mineral springs, the battle of Saratoga as the turning point of the American Revolution, and 6 weeks of thoroughbred horse racing. The beautiful brown Victorian hotel is the home of the New York City Ballet during the month of July. The series of concerts and ballets at Saratoga Performing Arts Center is something we look forward each Summer.
After the Farmer's market and strolling our town, we drove to the Adirondack Art and Craft Fair with a picnic lunch. What a wonderful day.
Life slowed down and our spirits were rejuvenated.
Okay... I think can now handle Monday.
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  1. It's all so beautiful and I'm rather envious of your farmer's market. Sadly we don't have one where I live. Saratoga Springs looks like a charming corner of the world and is about the same age as the town/city where I work. Yours is much more handsome. Ours has been progressively demolished and disfigured since the begining of the 1900s. What a delightful way to spend the weekend.

    Cheers...Ann :)

  2. Lucky you to have a 'real' farmers market! And I love your water lily pincushion, just wonderful!

    Enjoy your week!

  3. That bag is very fetching! Glad you had such a lovely break, especially after car issues like that.

    I hope you're feeling nicely rejuvenated!


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