Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Magic of Savannah

Forsyth Park is the centerpiece of Savannah

We are back from our brief 6 day trip. It was great. One of those wonderfully full vacations where you need a vacation after the vacation to catch up.

Savannah Georgia is just magical. Yes magical is the only way to describe the city and the people. We hope to relocate there in a few years, until then it is only through brief interludes that we are to enjoy this wonderful city. The city does not have the feel of a traditional city. The wonderful architecture and the 24 squares (parks) blooming with flowers through out the city, creates a enchanting quality found in few places.

Horse drawn carriages can be seen through out the area. We actually saw 4 weddings in different parks in one day. How is that for romance?

As in Charleston South Carolina, one of our favorite things to find in our travels throughout the city are the hidden gardens. We are offered only a peek into them, but they also hold a certain mystique that draws you in. Many of the private tours open these wonderful places up to visitors during certain times of the year. This was one we were able to view while walking on the street.

This trip our youngest daughter accompanied us. She will be looking at colleges this summer. SCAD or Savannah College of Art and Design was a thrill for her. There are 64 building through out the city that make up the college. True to their name , the bookstore held a wonderful design element. The columns were lined with books surrounding the base with increased size at the top to create the capital. Now we know what to do with all the out dated law books we have lying around. I was going to make them into purses. Who knew?

Look for the next post to complete the tour.
Until next time...


  1. How beautiful it all looks! Genteel and charming. The parks and gardens must be a delight for the senses. Such a novel way to display the books - I wouldn't like to do the dusting though!

    Ann :)

  2. What a beautiful place. It would be very inspiring going to college there, I hope your daughter enjoys it. :o)

  3. What a wonderful trip! Everything is slow here this year to start blooming.

    It is a lovely city, I'm sure for a school of Arts and Design, there will be lots of inspiration to draw from.

    Are you making plans for your books? Do we get to see them. *cheeky grin*. What a great idea to add a different look and feel to a bookstore.


  4. Savannah is my favorite place too. We want to relocate there too. I just love how pretty it is there. And the tours are so fun to go on.


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