Monday, January 5, 2009

Playing with the hedebo stick

This week has been an exciting one for us. A few weeks ago I had an interview by a local reporter regarding my crazy quilting. I will be featured along with 3 other quilters in a 7 page article on quilting being done today. So why was this last week exciting? When the reporter walked into our home in early December she loved it. She thought it is unusual and loved our personal design. She asked if they could do a story on our design and the different pieces that we created for the house. When the photographer walked in a week later to take pictures for the quilting article in my little studio, he too loved the house. Last Friday our home had a professional photo shoot. It was fun. The house is still decked out in full Christmas regalia. It will be featured in the Christmas season 2009. The quilting article will be out in a few weeks. It has been a great deal of fun working on both.

I have had a little time to work on my 3rd block and the play with my new hedebo stick. The stick is used in Danish embroidery and Elizabethan work. Working from written instructions on making rings, I think I have figured it out. I am playing with it to see what I can create from the basic ring since I do not have anymore instruction than that.

The pillows were done years ago using stumpwork I created. They are crushed together to fit them into the photo. The hedebo is the long stick with descending sizes of rings. The other two are half cones.

This is what I discovered when playing. Wrap the thread around the stick 3 times.

Then starting at the top place your needle behind the top 2 threads and come through the loop that is created in the front.

Continue all the way around until the threads wrapping the stick are completely covered. The stitch is like button hole type of stitch.

You can continue making rows and adding stitches as you go to create a berry type of shape. There are two berries with pearl centers pinned to the block and a few free form ring designs that I am playing with. I also used the cone stick and a cup shape to create the dimensional flower (pink and purple) on the left side of the block.

It is really fun and I hope you try it.

The block is coming along. The borders are really taking shape. Embroidery motifs are next.
Until next time...


  1. Your work is so beautiful. I just love crazy quilts.

  2. See, I told you your design style was magazine worthy! How fantastic, you rightly deserve to be recognised for your handiwork and beautiful home.

    I adore stumpwork although I haven't tried it. I've not heard of the hedebo stick but love the effect. The cushions are beautiful and your crazy patch block is coming along nicely.

    I am so pleased that you post your work, I enjoy it immensely.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  3. How wonderful Debra!! You'll have to post photos from the article.

    I've never seen a hedebo stick either but I have seen that stitch method - usually performed on a large knitting needle or something like that.

    Have fun! :o)


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