Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Beautiful Day for a Wedding!

-With This Ring I thee Wed

A beautiful day for a Wedding.
Yes it is!

I can finally release the photos of the wedding gift I have been working on. The Bride
asked for "Country Formal". I wasn't sure want that meant. She wanted Burlap and sent pictures of the blue hydrangeas and white roses that they will use in the wedding party. I created an Idea Board with pictures of real bouquets from the Internet to use as a guide to make the satin and silk ones on the pillow and memory basket.

Dyed silk tests and burlap scraps.
Pictures of real flowers complete the Idea board and help perfect the color in the silk ribbon.

Close up of details
Close up of the details. The Hydrangeas were hand-dyed with several shades of blue. 
The roses with small amounts of yellow and tan to make them life like.
The Roses are double sided satin on the memory basket and silk on the ring pillow

The "country formal" was created by taking white satin and making a sleeve to go
over the burlap pillow. The sleeve of white satin was used on the memory box as well.

The set of Embroidery Pillow and Memory Basket

Wishing Heather and Robbie a lifetime of Love, Health, and Happiness. God Bless you both.


  1. Absolutely stunning! A real heirloom for the newly married couple to treasure. Best wishes to the happy couple on their special day.

  2. Beautiful, stunning work (as always), Debra. Hugs and good health wishes to you. Cathy


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