Monday, January 20, 2014

Sometimes it is just a cup of Coffee and a Prayer to help you get through.

-Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…
It's about learning to dance in the rain! 
                                             -Vivian Greene

We could give a new production of the "Lord of the Dance" at this point. 

We had another close friend pass 2 days before Christmas. We love and miss you Dottie-you will forever be in our hearts. The New Year arrived and we had an emergency when our daughter's boyfriend had his lung collapse while working out. They are at college in our current town so he is very far from home. We have never met his Mom during the two years they have been dating. She flew in and stayed 6 days with us while he was in the hospital.

I tend to look for the blessings when life goes crazy. It settles me and gives me some peace. Dottie and her husband spent a week with us last year at this time. What a wonderful memory God gave us. Our daughter's boyfriend's Mom is so much like me and we feel blessed our children found each other. In the midst of the emergency, we found our families could work together and find comfort. Blessings all around.

Throughout the last couple of weeks I had committed to working at our church to help put on a "coffee house" to give a relaxed atmosphere for committees to plan our future. Anyone who knows me knows coffee is a favorite of mine. It has gotten me through years of medical appointments and nights of little sleep when we had a child that was ill. Coffee and a good book are favorites of mine now that those days are in the past. I planned to continue the items started in the past blogs, but with my "dancing" was in high gear, I could only finish those items that I worked on for the Church. Hope these items make you smile.

The following items would be fun to recreate for a relaxing girl's night or book club with a coffee house theme. 

My husband and I created a chalk out of cabinet doors and old door knobs.I created a stencil on my Silhouette Cameo for the Today's Special and used chalk to fill it in. Today's Special remained on the board-the rest was changed out from the display to the actual event. What fun it would be in a kitchen done with paint to make it permanent.
I was so tired I wrote "World Cafe" instead of "Global Cafe" that was the correct theme.
Glad you can erase chalk!

My take on the student's Mod Podged art work that hangs in a coffee house.

 Coffee bags and cup sleeves came next for the coffee house.
The Silhouette was used to create both.

Creating your own stencil is far cheaper than buying authentic bags. I used the Silhouette again to create the stencils.
They can also be tailored to your theme. The Globe on ours matched our theme.
After adding the Globe I used the letter fonts to cut the stencil for the words.
This was so easy and by using a piece of copy paper - really inexpensive for this one time use.
Silhouette has a stencil material to purchase if you want a more durable stencil.

Make some fun coffee house inspired signs. I used my Silhouette Cameo and several different fonts.
I love this machine and will show it off in upcoming blogs. 

My original art piece for the vintage coffee house theme.
We had some old switch plates and doorknobs (used on the chalkboard), so I thought why not?
Have fun with the theme. 

Create a fun display

(these are actually artificial from my staging days-even the cup of coffee)
 Enjoy with your friends and loved ones.

Life is shorter than we think sometimes and filled with surprises.  I am grateful for God's peace and love. May God Bless each of you as your families navigate the new year. Until next time…

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  1. My condolences for the loss of your dear friend and I hope your daughter's beau has recovered. The coffee club is a terrific idea and as always your crafts are so clever.


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