Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Comforts of Home

There is nothing like staying at home 
for real comfort.
  -Jane Austen

Spending Christmas at home with our family is always our idea of real comfort.
Decorating for a wonderful family Christmas at home is so simple when using artificial pieces and fresh cuttings.  There was a time when I created every decoration from fresh greens, fruits, spices, and sugar. Wisdom comes with age as they say and I am gaining a great deal of wisdom. I used to plant shrubs to use for holiday decorations, but being in the South has been a learning curve where I am concerned.  Ligustrum and Variegated Pittosporum are great substitutes for the Cedar and White Pine which we no longer have available in the yard. The last few years the old artificial Christmas tree limbs (link to a prior blog post with decor in our former home) have been re-purposed and  served us well in place of  real pine boughs. Mixing in the fresh greens from our yard completes a more natural look.  Add a few Pine cones, some Fruit and Walnuts in the shell to create a more realistic feel.


Simple glass cylinders with greens and pine cones.

Main Entry


A plain platter with artificial and real greens
Simple and Elegant centerpiece.

Greens for the Kitchen

Scones with the old Christmas Tree Limbs
and Fresh Greens from the yard.

Re-purposing the old Christmas tree rather than having it end in a landfill is great for the environment and our wallet. Using limbs from our shrubs helps keep them trim and in great shape for the next holiday. 

I think it is time to go embroider and enjoy the twinkle lights…Until Next time.

This week I  am joining link parties with My Romantic Home and French Country Cottage please drop by their blogs for amazing eye candy.

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  1. So lovely and what a good idea!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas


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