Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Give Thanks for the unknown blessings
 already on the way.
-Native Americans

The beauty of candlelight and crystal on our sideboard.
 My parents are an interesting mix. My Mother's family arrived on US shores as Pilgrims. I am thirteen generations away from that amazing voyage. My Father's family is Native American.  Thanksgiving means a great deal in our family. We are blessed with a long history and a loving family. Rich beyond measure I feel.  As our children have grown older, I understand what the Pilgrims experienced regarding the separation of families as they set out for the new world. We headed for our "new world" in the South and our children are beginning their own families and new careers after graduation. 

We are decorated and ready for Thanksgiving

 Our daughters will spend time together with our extended family there. Our son will come to our home from his Masters program with his collage roommate from Beijing, China. We will also have our youngest daughter's boyfriend who could not make it to his home this holiday. We will be   "family" for the day giving thanks for all our blessings big and small. 

One big blessing for me this year is the new kitchen. I have dreamed about it for years. Remember my blog (here is the link) "Decorating with Corbels"? It was Oct 15th, 2011. The corbels in this blog photo were finally installed a couple months ago in the current kitchen I designed years ago in my dreams. 

Here they are today.

Closeup of the corbels used in the "Mantle" of the Stove top.

If you have ever been to Plymouth, MA to see the recreation of how the Pilgrims lived, worked, and cooked you know why I rejoice at having this beautiful kitchen. I give thanks I will not have to cook in  an environment quite that primitive. (No I wasn't really referring to my old kitchen, but I could - Ha Ha)

It amazes me that the Thanksgiving tradition was part of our family before it was a Holiday.  Amazing too is  how it began with those few families cobbled together and the Native Americans who helped them survive. They gave thanks for the survival of their families and their dreams. I wonder what they would think of this nation and the time enduring holiday that was started by their journey, by friendships, and most importantly by God's blessing.

The Native American quote at the top of this blog spoke of unknown blessings already on the way - such a  positive thought.  May we all dream as big, live in hope, and have gratitude for God's bountiful gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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