Friday, February 22, 2013

DIY Window Cornices

I am still working on the crazy quilt. Here is the updated sections. We are still unpacking my supplies from among the 500 boxes we moved. I know crazy seems to fit more than my quilting.
It is a slow process.

Update on the Crazy quilt. Found some of the
the old pearl buttons while unpacking in the attic
this week-Just had to add them. Still finding treasures.

Spring is here in the South. The Azaleas are starting to bloom. I long for the day they are all in full glory. The reds and whites are appearing first. The purples are just starting to color. What a sight.

 It has taken me a while to get some of the projects to you that we worked on before our company came. We inherited some broken blinds on the windows when we bought this home. We wanted to take them off (that was an easy decision) and add some architectural type features. We decided on wood cornices. They are simple to make and with an added inexpensive carved pieces (these were at the low price of  $3.00 each) they added the feel we wanted for our windows. 

The view from our front door.
Easy 3sided boxes and some moulding. We even used metal
"L" brackets to attach the 3 pieces. A wood brace for the top and
ta da! A wonderful piece that makes the window look expensive.
As you can see the broken blinds did nothing to capture the
Christmas spirit. Oh soooo sad.

Just removing those yucky blinds did wonders, but the with
the cornice set above the window frames it adds height and drama.

Completed windows are all set for our Family Christmas.

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