Friday, February 15, 2013

Crazy quilting our current Garden

 We have said good-bye to all our guests. 12 overnight guests who stayed at least a week. We also had additional guests who stayed in town but we spent time with as well. I am finally getting back to working on my  new crazy quilt.
 The winter in Savannah is so different from Upstate NY. Warmer no doubt-but Spring also comes earlier. We have all of our small Magnolia trees bloom. What a gorgeous sight. I have added them to the crazy quilt and would like to share them with you.

Our new Winter experience! Sure beats snow.
Start by using layered chain stitches for the thicker branch. Add small strait stitches for the smaller branches

Japanese ribbon stitches with silk ribbon form the petals of each Magnolia
Finish with small green leaves of cotton pearle. A red glass bead fills the center.

One of the things I learned was that all of the blooms arrive before the leaves. They all are pointed toward the sky. I made the mistake of having some of the blooms point down, but realized later that in the picture I took, I had pulled the blooms down to get a close up of the flower. In reality they all face upward.  They are gorgeous and I can't wait for the large white blooms of our bigger Magnolias.

We have added 6 lavender roses and a new Key lime tree. My husband's favorite dessert is Key lime pie. Oh to be in the South!


  1. Love the embroidered magnolias, you really captured them. I want to see more of this crazy quilt as you work on it!


  2. Debra!! I ADORE your Chinese Magnolia crewel piece for your crazy quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!! The blossoms agains the black!! W O W !!! But it was fun to see your friends and now it is great to be back to just you and D. and your house. Our Camellia bush has 100 blossoms, the Chinese magnolias in town are at the end of their run. The Narcissus are out is full, I've spotted only one cluster of Daffodils. It still is freezing in the night here but yesterday afternoon it was 75° in the backyard.

    Thank you for recognizing Pete and my happiness. It is true, and that is why that photo made it into the post. The silver silk shall you mentioned was a present from my friend Noelle when she returned from her travels all over China (by herself )15 years ago. It was was handmade on a loom in Taiwan. I also used it for a table runner this Christmas.

    Hugs and love to you. Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day with your family!


  3. Magnolias are in my top 5 favourite trees/blooms. Your embroidered version is stunning. Sounds like you Southern winters are similar to those here in Sydney.


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