Saturday, October 27, 2012

Conquering the "New World"

 We are finally in Savannah. After a long journey through health issues and changes since 2009, we made our way to the South. Our home in the North has not sold yet, so renovations will have to proceed on a slower pace than we hoped. Until then we are tackling the projects we can do our selves. I scored carved wood "shell" pieces on clearance for about $5.00 each from a renovation supply company. I only wanted 4 to place over the pass through door ways in the octagon entry. The doors and the niches created the architecture on the other four walls. The entry's bright yellow was nice, but we wanted to replace the dingy pea gray/green color in the adjacent living with our signature yellow. An all white in the entry makes the details stand out, creating the look of a wood paneled entry.

Note the green/gray being transformed in the living room to the left.
We did not want to have a bright neon yellow entry next
to the soothing yellow in the adjacent living room.
Old lighting was replaced in the niches-TA DA!

So great to back blogging again. (Also hope to finally read some of my favorite blogs too)

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  1. It is wonderful to have the chance to see your new digs! AND your carved wood pieces are amazing! The price was stupendous!
    Love to you friend, as you and Dean transform your new beautiful home together!! Are you enjoying Savannah life?

    Love to you and your family,

    My mom saved EVERYTHING that you and Ruth Ann did for her about her family and their home. Thanks again!


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