Friday, June 8, 2012

In Transition

Just wanted to drop in quick to let everyone know that I have not fallen off the end of the Earth. I have had little time to be online. We are in transition as we begin the next chapter of our life. The packing, painting, and getting ready for our move to the South began in the last couple of months. My sewing and craft room is packed(-sure makes it hard to add to a blog when everything is in a box). Along with the excitement there have already been tears as the piano was sold and left with a good friend. I remember our oldest daughter playing and the reality hit as it slid out the front door.
We leave wonderful friends and our beloved family.
That is the hard part of making this move.  Leaving the cold and wet weather -not so much.

We have also packed numerous milestones into the last few months. Here's the update
Our Son Thomas graduated from college.
Double major both with honors.
My  New Mini Cooper S just off the ship from England.
We can check this one off my bucket list!!!!
My husband Dean participates in his first relay duathlon.
His team won!
And our littlest family member, our grandson Elijah, turned one year old.
I will add updates and projects as I start staging our home. Hope you enjoyed the update.


  1. It's wonderful to catch up with you! Life gets very busy but yours is full of terrific events. Enjoy tootling about in the Mini (yes, English cars tootle). Elijah is such a beautiful child and growing up so quickly. Congratulations to your son on his outstanding achievements. ann :-)

  2. At least you've got a good excuse! I hope you enjoy your move and it won't be too long before we see you back in blogland. PS. My sister has a Mini Cooper S, it's such a wonderful car!!

  3. What a cute toy car, I love it. It looks like a racing car. You plan on racing that thing Lady? Can't wait to see what you'll do with the new house in Savannah. Peace and love and hugs to you today Sister, from California.

  4. i have missed you something terrible.
    i am so glad to see you are doing well.


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