Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pottery Barn Inspired Laundry Room Quick and Easy Touches

During the recent free staging job, I was combing through Pottery Barn and Ballard Design Catalogues. The real estate agent wanted a "Pottery Barn feel" for the demographic they were hoping to attract. I came across a wonderful laundry room with vintage and antique pieces mixed with many of their baskets. It was beautiful and it inspired me to use my Grandmother's pieces for display.  I copied elements for my laundry room. One of the magazines had baskets with Upholstery Tape wrapped around them. They were quite pricey and I thought they would be easy to replicate. So here is the simple project for today. Enjoy.

One of the Magazines Pottery Barn or Ballard had baskets with
Upholstery Webbing Attached. The baskets were pricey and easy to replicate.

Upholstery Webbing costs about .67 cents a yard at Walmart and
can be found at most fabric stores for not much more.

Make sure to use a fray check type of product and use tape when cutting
the bands so they do not fray during storage.

These baskets are great for storing those little products.
To make the basket:
Cut the Jute band to size and hot glue or pin the ends together.

Inspired by Pottery Barn's use of old laundry implements, I was
able to display my Grandmother's rug beaters, sewing baskets,
darning eggs, old irons, and clothes pins. Her egg basket too!

The other wall has many of the antique sewing  items.

See you next Wednesday!


  1. I love how your display came out! The vintage rug beaters work so well with the baskets wrapped with the jute.

    I also love to use the Pottery Barn catalogs, they are so inspiring!

  2. I wish we had Poettery Barn - just for window shopping mind. Your grandmother's treasures are terrific - how wonderful that you have them and put them on display. ann :-)

  3. Such a simple yet effective display. Love it!


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