Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From a Drawer to Domino

Another Pottery Barn Knock off. Domino wall art. When researching the recent staging for a friend, I saw large scale Dominoes that would be great for our game room. Another pricey accessory that could be made fairly easily. We had a renovation at my husband's office and I saved drawers with the front panel and cabinet doors. The drawers fronts were flat and perfect for this project.

These drawers have seen better days, but I couldn't throw them out.

Unscrew the front panel from the drawer.

Fill holes with wood filler. Let it dry slightly, then wipe excess off the panel with a damp rag.

My new favorite paint. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Adheres to everything with no priming...

Paint front panels and let them dry.

Hard to see unless you enlarge the photo, but I made a round stencil through
a piece of transparency film using a scrap booking hole punch. (1 1/2 inch)
I love the transparency film because I can see through it when lining up the
dot design on each domino. The idea was from those clear rubber stamps.
You could also use those round sponge brushes, but I did not have one.

After painting the dots and lines, the domino was antiqued and then distressed.

The wall grouping is done.

See you next Wednesday!


  1. Cute idea! My dad's family were all big 42 players and would have loved it! ---"Love"

  2. I love that! What a great idea, and it looks like it came together pretty quickly too! My kind of project.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are so clever!!!! Great domino upcycle!

  4. They look terrific! Why pay crazy Pottery Barn prices? Debra, was it you who painted the legs on your ironing board? I want to paint mine but not sure if it's possible. ann :-)

    1. Ann I don't think I am the one you are looking for, but I did paint my ironing board legs with spray paint made for metal. It is really easy to do. Just pick your favorite color. Have fun!

  5. Nice draw redu! Wonderful idea! Adore your creativity and that you share it here, too Debra!
    Are you preparing for your move?


  6. I meant DrAWER!!!
    Dear Debra,
    I wish you a VERY happy Valentine's Day and EVERY day surrounded in love!!

  7. Dear Debra,

    What a wonderful idea, and I loved seeing your project.
    The Domino art is fabulous and isn't it neat when you can make things at a fraction of the cost.

    Happy Valentine's day
    Sending love & hugs


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