Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Faux Antique Landscapes - more DYI Art

We put a European Soaking tub recently in our bathroom and I wanted it to have a luxurious feel. I drooled over magazine pictures with large art piece over the bath to set the mood. One day I noticed small gallery type frames we picked up at places like TJMaxx around the house. Whoa... my brain started smokin'. I love old landscape oils. The dark colors, the simple shapes of trees, and washed skies did not seem hard to replicate. Being small, who would really see detail anyway? So I gave it a go and I actually think it turned out great. Instead of one large art piece, we have several small ones. What do you think?
My supplies: Acrylic paint, Textured acrylic paint paper
My palette (a paper plate) paper towels, plastic container of water

Using the water make the paint thin. Float it around on the paper giving
the appearance of the sky and ground. Just basic color. I found using
burnt umber mixed with any color gave the old tint to the paint.

Add a second layer by adding clouds, shapes like trees, grass etc.
When it dries, spray it with a flat clear sealer.

After the sealer dries, Antique it with an Antique medium.

When the antique medium dries, spray it with a gloss clear sealer.
This is still wet, but the gloss on the texture of the paper makes it
look like an oil painting on canvas. When the sealer is dry it
has a subtle shine because it soaks into the paper.

The Tub is starting to look great and luxurious

And this painting was placed with the other faux works of art!

We can now dream of Idyllic places while we soak!


  1. Beautiful art in beautiful frames. I really like your light fitting. I'm feeling rather *antique* myself today. ann :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing how you created this beautiful work of art. Your finished painting looks great as part of the collection on your wall.
    It's also interesting to learn about the Clear gloss sealer, about how it reacts on watercolor paper!
    Thanks for visiting the Gypsy and YES you do know me well! I do in fact have a mini caravan in the works and a larger one in my imagination for the back yard. it IS going to happen.
    Love to you dear one~~~



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