Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Quick Centerpiece for Fall

I have been away for a few weeks. We finally took possession of the Savannah house. We rented it out while I finished all the surgeries and recovery.  It needed alot of work, but it is worth it. After spending the last year standing on the sidewalk dreaming of when we are finally inside, yes the work was worth every minute. What a difference a year makes. Hopefully Cancer Free and starting to move forward with our dreams.

We are now  back in the Northeast and the weather is cold. It was upsetting for the first few days but I decided to embrace it and do something for the spirit.... Decorate for Fall and start baking now that is it cold. Works every time.

Here is a quick centerpiece. Easy to make. Gather all your fall leaves and vines, gourds, candle holders, candles and baskets.  You can just put in what you like, there is no right or wrong. Use only what you have on hand and what you like.

Gather all your favorite Fall decorations to choose from.

Place the candle holders in the basket with the small grapevine wreaths on top.

Place vines in first wrapping them between the candles. Add the gourds, flowers, and berries.

The finished centerpiece.

And what have I been baking?...
Eggplant from the farmers market stacked and layered
with fresh plum tomatoes,fresh mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil.

Okay next time it will be pumpkin bread.


  1. How lovely! I hope you continue to enjoy your autumn, we're waking up to lovely spring days here at the moment. :-)

  2. What a lovely centerpiece. Autumn hit us early... I think we went straight from Spring to Autumn... not much of a summer, but August was nice! Not too hot.

    Take care of you!


  3. A stunning centrepiece. You'd never guess it was made so easily from just a few elements. You have such a good eye. I'm looking forward to your pumpkin bread. ann :-)


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