Friday, September 30, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness

Like the magnet on my car... I am a little worse for wear, no longer in original condition, but still hanging on. (I am also a little pink ribbon fatigued and October is just starting.) A good friend shared a t-shirt slogan "Enough awareness, I want a cure!" Amen to that.

It is my hope that all of my friends and family make sure the women in your life get their exams and mammograms done. I know, believe me I know, it was not high on my list either. No family history, good health, athletic, and I don’t fit the profile. I could find a million excuses putting the tests off.
It is not fun, but it saved my life.


  1. Dear Debra,

    Great post and yes, amen to that ~ a cure is what is needed. All us Ladies do need to have our mammograms and I had mine back in June.

    Hope that you have a lovely weekend
    sending hugs

  2. Good stuff Debra. Like you I don't fit the profile, but I've started having breast checks every 2 years when I have a pap smear. :-)

  3. Well said!


  4. A timely reminder Debra. We sometimes take our health for granted. ann :-)


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