Saturday, July 10, 2010

What I have learned along the way

-Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles-
It takes away today's peace.

-Spirit of Life, Saratoga Springs, New York

Another breast cancer patient said I could borrow her saying about worry for my blog. She has it tacked to her signature line and loved it. I have learned many things over the last month, this is the most profound. We had a surprise in my pathology that has sent us searching for answers and a second opinion in NYC. We feel positive, we do not have all the answers yet, but it is time to finally move forward. I promise not to make this into a breast cancer blog, I am almost done with my 6 weeks of restrictions and antsy to get back to the new normal for us. I go each week to the plastic surgeon as I go through the process of reconstruction. I joke that I am the amazing expanding woman having the Tissue Expanders in. I still have a couple of surgeries to go and I will be thrilled to have this all behind me, but am grateful it can be done.
I have learned to deal with some of the stress with humor. It helps to deflect the somber tones of
what cancer brings to your family. (The hardest for me has been the tears in my husband's eyes or the unsmiling faces of my children when they ask questions. It is scary and they worry) I hope to help others and have started that. If I am forced to go through this, I can only hope my experience can help someone else through the shock and haze that clouds your life after the diagnosis. I hope someday this support will no longer be needed and we will have a cure.

I hope to start a new project for my plastic surgeon. We both have children in Art Colleges. I remarked to her that she was also an artist. She takes our shattered bodies and makes us whole again. I realized it was similar to crazy quilting. All these different pieces put together to make something beautiful.

So I begin AGAIN.... Grateful, blessed, and doing well.

Thank you all for your kind emails, comments, thoughts and prayers. They have sustained me through one of the roughest periods of my life. God Bless You All!


  1. What a pleasant surprise to hear from you again! It was just this morning that I had pulled up your last post and wondered how things are going for you. I'm glad your progress is going as well as it is. Never lose faith in the Great Physician! You are in my prayers. ---"Love"

  2. What a marvellous approach you have to this period of your life. Such grace, dignity and determination. Finding peace in all that turmoil and the tonic of humour are a great lesson for us all. We take too much for granted. It takes courage and strength to share such an experience in this media and we benefit from your generosity. Ann :-)

  3. So lovely to hear from you Debra. I really admire your courage and faith, and I hope your clouds still have silver linings. :)

  4. I love the saying! I'm glad to hear you're hanging in there and using humor to help get you through. I got such a visual image of a crazy quilt of a woman when you were writing about the plastic surgeon. I know whatever quilt you make will be beautiful! HUGS! :) Christine

  5. Good to hear from you and that you are doing well. I know from my own experience that the best medicine is laughter and a great positive attitude. This all takes alot of courage and it sounds like you have found that. I think a crazy quilt (especially with your talent) would be wonderful. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Connie

  6. The saying is so right! I am so happy and grateful that you are doing well. I know you still have such a long road ahead, you are in my thought as prayers. Your attitude and outlook is a lesson for all of us to follow,
    God Bless!


  7. You are a special lady Debra,
    A Strong one. You have the correct things in your mind~ And health and wholeness is in your being!!!
    Part of your post reminds me of this, something I wrote to help myself sort out my thoughts this is how it ends:

    Must continue to
    behold the healing process
    each day
    As Frustration
    And disfigure
    turn into Gratitude
    Healing and
    A creative process

    To be mindful

    To witness the beautiful and
    most intricate ways
    our bodies have the power
    to become whole



    Time heals ALL wounds

    Love to you,

  8. Ps
    Healing you are ~ Healing I am~=!!

  9. Hi Debra,

    What a beautiful, strong and amazing Lady you are and I pray for continued strength and support for you and your family.
    Please know that we are here for you, praying for healing and good health again.



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