Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cirque du Soleil themed prom party buffet

Before I begin, I must thank a very special women. We have not met personally yet, but I feel I know her in spirit well. She is the most kind, gentle spirited and most talented woman I have ever been able to connect with. Her blog is so creative and I hope someday to convey life as she does on each blog. Through the pictures and words of her blog you will instantly know what I mean. It is a magic place to visit. Constance at Rochambeau has honored me with her friendship, words, and kindness. You have touched my heart and spirit in ways you will never know.
Thank you dear friend!

In the entertaining side bar you will see other buffets similar to this one. This was fun given the Cirque du Soleil theme. Masks were used as decorations for the prom. When the prom goers showed up there was a women on stilts juggling, they had mannequins dangling like trapeze fliers from the ceiling over the dance floor, and wonderful food served on themed tables throughout the prom. My youngest daughter was one of the students chosen to plan to event. They worked hard and had many meetings to produce the wonderful concept. For the pictures at our home before prom we wanted to have some treats for the family and students before heading off on the trolley ride to start the night. We used the theme for the night at our home as well.
Since masks were used, we decided to use the mask I created as a centerpiece. Using purples, pinks, and greens used in the Cirque du Soleil worked well. The costumes used in the Cirque du Soleil themes are just magical. There is so many ideas to choose from. We tried to work with crystal glass and marble pieces to help this along. We also used one of their botanical takes with leaves used like a scarf. Here are the steps we used.

Building the buffet: We used large plastic storage containers as the base. You can use anything as long as it is sturdy. Boxes, books, cans etc. are all good candidates for lifts. You are the only one that knows what is hidden beneath the drapes.I always use a plastic table cloth first. What I learned along the way is I can use bowls or large baking dishes (tinfoil throwaways are great for this) to put ice in. Cover it with the plastic tablecloth, then the other cloths. This will help keep dishes set on top of them cold very nicely. (I did this once without the plastic. Melted ice soaked through the layers after several hours-not a pretty sight! This tip works great.)

Cover the plastic tablecloth with a beautiful fabric. Sometimes layer more than one over the plastic to create more color.

3 yards of Purple net is folded in the middle. A gathering thread seam is created about 10 inches from the fold. ( I used red thread so you could see it, you can use matching thread) Gather the threads until the edges will overlap when placed around the neck of the statue.

The netting is used like a cape with the prepared ruffle as the collar and approximately one and a half yards split to each side of the buffet.

Pink wired ribbon with sparkles was added next over the gathered stitches and meanders around the buffet giving movement. Place the Candles,plates, cake stands on the lifts and levels. Add in the pieces of glass chips and plants to create the final look you desire.



I hope to have one more post this week creating comfort pillows for breast cancer mastectomy patients. I have seen them and was not able to find a pattern, so I created one. I have been told they are wonderful, so I am making my own. I hope in the future to work with groups to create more pillows to donate to the hospitals for women undergoing surgery and recovery.

Take care.


  1. Quite lovely; and what a great idea is the ice in the plastic containers underneath! ---"Love"

  2. oh, i love this table. so soft and pretty.
    i love this, my friend.
    ps: thank you for the wise words.

  3. Hi Debra,
    Your Cirque du Soleil table turned out great. Like the bust with peacock mask as the focal point.
    Also, would like to see your daughters Prom decor.

    It's great to hear about comfort pillows. After you share about them more, I could perhaps help woman here at our cancer center.

    Thank you for your kind words above.
    Greatful we have met.
    Will continue to think P I N K for you!!


  4. Celebrations always seem so much more special when we really make an effort, your daughter must have enjoyed her prom so much!

    The comfort pillows sound lovely, I look forward to seeing what you come up with. :)

  5. Your table is stunning! It sounds like the creativity in your family runs deep.

    The pillows sound like a wonderful idea, I know that there are many that will benefit from your efforts. I can't wait to see them. Take care, Cheryl

  6. I am always thrilled with your design skills Debra. The buffet looks terrific and it's so simply done. The pillows are a wonderful idea and I look forward to seeing those you have made. Ann :-)

  7. Your creativity always awes me. I'm sure that your daughter had a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to see how your pillow turns out, terrific idea. Connie 204

  8. hellllu, debra....

    i popped over here
    from sweet constance's blog link!

    {{ isn't she a dear! }}



    as it seems we both like PINK
    we both strive optimistically
    For Good Health,
    i just wanted to introduce myself
    invite you over for a visit!

    hopefully you will
    feel at home
    and enjoy somepinkflowers

  9. Thinking of YOU Debra!!
    We will be talking soon ~
    Until, you'll be in my thoughts.
    And Prayers.


  10. Hi Debra,

    I agree, Constance is one of the sweetest friends and I have enjoyed her friendship.
    I am glad that I have met you through her too.
    The buffet you have shown is just lovely and thanks for sharing. I hope that your daughter had a wonderful night.
    The comfort pillow, would be such a great idea.
    Thinking pink thoughts and my prayers are with you



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