Monday, April 26, 2010

We all have those days

The gift for my surgeon is done. Hoped to have the picture up, but one of the kids borrowed the memory disk for our camera. You know the days when you have your day all scheduled, but life will just not co-operate. I hope to have it up tomorrow as soon as they locate the disk and pictures can be taken of the finished piece. 

The reason the disk is missing you ask?

We had a joint birthday party for 6 members of our family. I usually have Easter, Mother's Day and most of the birthday celebrations at our home. This year, with everything going on, we decided to get the family together and celebrate them all at once. My brother-in-law decided to surprise us with a 41 foot super stretch limo to head off to dinner and ride around after the resturant celebration.

Of course the disk is missing because the kids have been emailing all their friends with pictures. LOL

 Lucky I downloaded them before they borrowed the disk or we might not have the memories this night provided. We all had a blast.

Back to searching for the lost disk..... Where is Sherlock when you need him?


  1. Whoa, that's some limo!!! It's the perfect treat though. I love it!

  2. Good grief! How does that limo turn corners???? *grin* Glad you had fun, and got it all done at one time! Nice new profile picture too! (At least I hadn't noticed it before.) ---"Love"


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