Wednesday, March 24, 2010


From a book...

From the end of a tea bag string...

From my daily reading...

and most of all from your comments and emails!
They have meant a great deal to me.

It has been a while.
A long while.
I wanted to thank you all for your kindness, interest,
and most of all friendship.

My last post I was excited to be finally back on track.
We had a new camera, I was given Photoshop 8, and
also a book on blogging.
Most of the medical issues of the family seemed to be resolving.
Then more followed.
The blogging book suggested not saying how tough life was,
everyone has a tough life-they don't need yours!
So what do I say? Apologize one more time?
How often did you want to hear it?
My creativity was stuck anyway.It seemed frivolous in the face of other issues.
I just could not bring myself to write one more excuse.

What I am learning....Perseverance in the face of the unknown
Sometimes I feel paralyzed waiting for the next shoe to drop.
(Why start when something else will come along to stop you?)
I need creativity. It is my gift and my stress relief.
It is what always got me through before and it is not frivolous.

And last
It is okay to step away when life gets tough
Just remember to step back in.

Thank you all again.


  1. Hello dear one!
    Oh how your words resonate. Thank you for your honesty today. These words will bless many more than me.

    Life is a series of ups and downs. One of my downs was when my father died, My husband and I moved and my cat died all in a few weeks. I was down and living in a new place where I felt I didn't belong, with no buddies for a year.

    You know, today ten years later, it is one of the things what makes me CHERISH my friends ( old and new) and every good thing that happens. Because I felt SO lonely at that time in my life!

    By you writing this today, it reveals that you are healing and getting ready for new challenges. You were born with a creative spirit. It is who you are Debra. Creativity takes many forms, don't forget.

    To raise a child, to be a wife, to create an environment of love, to listen. These are ALSO forms of ART. The most important ones there are.

    Thank you for your gentle ways, your kindness. You shine from a thousand miles away, dear friend.


  2. I admire your perspective, and your ability to cope!

    There is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel, and I think you're well on the way.


  3. Welcome back! You have been missed.



  4. Oh Debra, it sounds like you've had so much on your plate. I recently came over to the real world of blogging and I've missed whats been going on. Your family will be in my prayers. Christine

  5. One more thing- forget what the blog book says! Vent all you like!! We're here as a shoulder for you :)

  6. I haven't been blogging for a long time and just a couple of months ago figured out a bit about this blogging. I'm so sorry to hear that you have had bad times. I have always admired your talents and I'm sure you will be inspired once more. I will also keep you in my thoughts and hope that things start to get better for you. Connie204

  7. In your own good time Debra.Take comfort from those who love and care about you; inspiration from the life that surrounds you. Ann :-)

  8. Your creativity certainly is not frivilous; it is a GIFT to be shared. I've checked and missed your blog over the past several months. I hope you will soon be able to resume on a regular basis. I always feel uplifted after reading your blog and seeing the beautiful things you have created, from hand crafted items to your lovely garden areas. You have been missed. ---"Love"

  9. Debra, it is so good to hear from you. Challenges always seem to come by and at times it seems that they are all at once. You are a strong, creative woman. And you are missed by all of us.

    Just know that although we are not there with you in the physical sense, our thoughts and prayers and support certainly are. We will all be here when you are ready.

    Also remember, that blogging book is just from one point of view. Any good friend accepts the down times, along with the up.

    Take care, Cheryl


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