Friday, January 1, 2010

Last day kindness and new beginnings.

2010 - a new decade to reflect on and a time to count our blessings of the past years.

As I sit in my little studio and the snow continues to fall, I discovered the bulbs on my windowsill had sprouted. My garden is buried in snow, but there is joy with the cycle of rebirth in flowers.

This last month has been a little overwhelming, but I too am breaking through the surface to bloom again. I feel a renewal to create and blog .
( I promise to share the steps to finish the ornament in the next blog)

My husband and I have discussed so many things of late. This new decade and the changes to come. Big changes to our lives when we make our transition South to Savannah. Our youngest being accepted at the Art college she was hoping for, heading off to college, and leaving an empty nest. Our Son will complete his college goals in just two short years and launch into the working world. Our oldest daughter married and wonderful changes that brings to a family.
We are certainly blessed.

We have also decided on our New Year's resolution or little plan to help make our world a little better. We hope to live each day with "Last Day Kindness". It is my husband's terminology regarding living each day as if it is our last by imparting the kindness we would hope to receive. Just a little thing really, but sometimes hard to accomplish with the in your face attitude we seem to experience so often from the check out line to driving the car. It may not change the world, but hopefully a little kindness will change our small part of it - one attitude at a time.

To each of you a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!!!


  1. Happy New Year Debra! Yes, it's always the little things that count.

  2. That is a wonderful way to complete your day! Happy New Year!


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