Monday, December 28, 2009

Finishing the Monogram ornament

The next step in making the ornament. Take the two pieces of memory glass and put them together with the images inside. Check the earlier blog to learn how to create this image. Begin using stained glass foil and wrapping the edges. Make sure to space the foil evenly over the front and back edges. This keeps the foil uniform and adheres the piece properly. Overlap the foil about a 1/4 inch.


Using a fid (you can also use your fingernail, side of a pen, letter opener if you like) begin to smooth both sides of the foil attached to the ornament. Run the outside edge first. Then fold the foil flat on the front and back.

Flatten all the copper foil and seal the two pieces of glass together. The edge will be soldered in the next blog.

Bend 18 gage copper wire to create a filigree design to hang beads from and large circle for the top. A wooden dowel or pen works great for this.

Finish by creating dangling beads. The smaller one use a jewelry making pin with a stop on the end. Add your crystals and beads and create the eye on the end. These will be connected to the smaller loops of your wire after it is soldered together.The larger dangle was created with a cast off ball of rhinestones hooked on to a jewelry making pin with a eye. The ball is attached onto the eye and the then the beads and crystals are added to the pin. Create another eye to connect the pin to the large loop at the bottom.

The next blog we will solder the piece together.

I think I am finally up and running again. Sorry this has been such a slow blog period. Life got the better of me.


  1. You musn't worry Debra. Life gets the better of many of us. Best to go with the flow. Remember your blog is meant to be *your* indulgence. You shouldn't feel guilty if you don't have time to spend on it. Your stained glass ornament is looking lovely. The beaded embellishment really lifts it. Take care of yourself, Ann :-)

  2. I think life gets the better of all of us, especially this time of year!

    It's becoming a lovely piece. I think I'll just sit and admire, I have enough on my crafty plate as it is - I really can't start anything new!! (Having said that though, my MIL is going to give me some silk screens, fabric printing here I come!!)

  3. No need for apologies Debra, we're all there with you! Glad to see you back.

    I love the ornament, and the beads add a wonderful touch!


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