Friday, October 9, 2009

Stumpwork Dragon base

After 2 skeins of embroidery floss and thousands of stitches the dragon base is completely covered. Cast on stitches with up to 12 cast on stitches each create the scales. Chain stitches cover the face, arm, and leg. Shell and seed bead make up his chest armor and tail.


Double cast on stitches create the fingers and toenails. Overlapped bullion create the horn.


In the next post the dragon will breathe fire made with metallic thread and beads.

The wings for his face and back can then be added. It is far easier to work on these very dimensional pieces last. Embroidery thread tails tend to get caught on them when creating the base stitches. Work from the background forward to make your work less stressful.

I have been working with a new camera. The good news is it shows greater detail. The bad news is it shows such great detail every piece of lint on the velvet background is noticeable.

Until the dust bunnies learn to smile, you will not be getting any photos of our home.

Have a great weekend.


  1. It's been worth every stitch. He is an incredibly glamourous dragon! Don't talk to me about cameras. I don't enjoy being outwitted by technology. The dust bunnies and I have agreement - they appear whenever and wherever they want and I will ignore them. I didn't say it was a good arramgement. Ann :)

  2. What a dragon! So much detail is amazing.

  3. Your dragon is just wonderful!


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