Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Exciting Times

You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need"-The Rolling Stones

We are back and are new owners of a 2nd home. It will be a while before we have permanent residence in Savannah (we have children in highschool and college). It is great to know where we will live, what furniture to keep, what to sell, & design a new kitchen knowing the dimensions already. It is not a Queen Anne Victorian, but a French Design with copper porch roof and beautiful wrought iron. And check out the two Magnolia trees flanking the front. They are taller than the house.

A few of our favorite features are the octagon entry,the gorgeous staircase, and the fact I can have a garden. It already has a great start.

We plan to extend the garden around the corner of the house at the far end. We have two beautiful wrought iron gates on the property. This gate door is new, but the arbor is older and has beautiful details.

We were able to have a few days in Savannah to enjoy. The exciting news when we arrived was that Robert Redford was filming the "Conspirator" his new movie in town. It is about the only woman convicted in the assassination of President Lincoln. We were able to see the out side filming. They created a facade of Ford's theatre and placed it on the side of a building. The homes across the street were decorated in bunting. They actually carried the actor playing Lincoln across the street to one of the homes from the "theatre".

They filmed at night so we have a few pictures of the crew setting up for shooting. They actually wrapped the palm trees trunks to look like oaks and cover the streets with mulch to look like dirt. We also watched as long tubes of dry ice were blown down the block to look like fog.They had the yellow police type of tape up to block off the area. I leaned against what I thought was an old iron lampost with the yellow tape attached and it moved. Even the streetlights were fake. It was really funny.

Some of the people in the movie.

I am very grateful I will not have to wear these outfits when I live in the South. Can you imagine these dresses and slips in the heat? I can certainly understand the term swooning from the heat ?

In my next blog I will share a little more of Savannah, including our experience at the
Sorrel-Weed house. (Considered the most haunted in Savannah) We actually toured it because my husband wanted to see it. I had seen a segment of HGTV's If Walls Could Talk on the renovations of the building. The show is about the history of the homes and the discoveries /items the owner's find when renovating the homes. They found a 1000 sq. foot wine celler when moving bricks in the courtyard. The big find was a practice letter of the surrender of Robert E. Lee during the Civil War in a beautiful wooden box found in a sealed room.
Robert Redford intends to use the basement where the cooking was done to film scenes from the ''Blue Goose" where John Wilkes Booths interacts with the main female character.


  1. Congratulations!! What a graceful home. It is beautiful!


  2. What a beautiful new home -- Congratulations!

  3. Your new home suits you! The gardens are lovely, and I love the gates!

    How fun to be in Savannah when they are shooting this movie! So much history there. I enjoy the show 'If Walls Could Talk' as well, when I get the opportunity to watch. People can find such interesting things in their old houses!

    Take care, I can't wait to see more pictures!

  4. Wow, what a house! No wonder you're so excited. :)

    The costumes are beautiful. I'm more of a bustle fan than a crinoline and it would be lovely if we still wore those clothes but you're right - I'd definitely swoon in summer!

  5. How exciting - the house & the movie! I'm sure I will want to see that movie! I love the program "If walls could talk." DH is recording it for me because it's on while I'm at work. Can't wait to see more pics.

  6. Oh my word! What a gorgeous home!...And in beautiful Savannah!
    You will have so much fun designing the new garden. Of course, it already looks lovely.

    How fun to be there while they were filming.

    Congratulations on the new diggs. When do we get to see pics of the inside? :-)


  7. Your new home is picture book! So charming and once you have worked your magic on it - even better. How marvellous to see the filming. Ann :)

  8. How truly EXCITING Debra!
    What a beautiful new abode!
    How I share in your joy!!!
    That house is lucky to get you and your husband!!
    Happy Halloween~


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