Monday, September 28, 2009

Using the Cast on Stitch

I love the cast on stitch. Yes it was intended to be a flower petal, but does it have to? NO
I look at things differently. I look at the form, not the function.
I have used it as a scalloped edge on an fountain, a bird, a flower, and a fish scale.

After working on this mermaid, the ideas just flowed. I wanted a magical dragon.

The dragon is emerging stitch by stitch. Here is a sneak peak. Using cast on stitches to create scales on the dragon, the work begins at the tip of the tail and works up to the head. Although the dragon is not complete, I thought I would share the process.

The leg and arm are not attached yet, but will receive a different treatment after the padding is added.

Beads will be added to create further dimension and sparkle to the body

Back to work for me.


  1. wow! That's incredible! and a stitch can be whatever you want - or need - it to be!

  2. Awesome!
    Your mermaid and dragon are amazing.
    Beautiful work!


  3. Ooooooh! Love the dragon (and the mermaid)! You are so great about thinking outside the box!

  4. Gorgeous as ever! and to see that mermaid in person, what an honor!

  5. Your attention to detail is wonderful. I look forward to the next instalment!

  6. Dropping back by to say hi Debra. Hope you and your family have a nice evening.

    Have you read: South of Broad, a new book by: Pat Connroy?
    My husband really liked it and my mom is So into it!! I'm next in line.
    It takes place in Charleston and San Francisco.


  7. I JUST realized you NEVER got my last comment.

    What I said was that I think it's so cool how you have figured out how to use this trim in new and inventive ways.
    I WONDER what happened that you didn't get my comment.

    Oh well, trying again!!!!


  8. Debra, you have an wonderful talent for this. The mermaid is amazing and the cast on stitch is transformed. This dragon is going to be incredible! Happy Stitching...Ann :)


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