Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It has been a while

-Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, you find a fairytale.-anonymous

I feel like I fell out of blog land for a while.We have been so busy getting the kids ready for school, our friend's daughter's wedding, and designing, I have not been on line.
I have been designing and sewing little cellphone purses I hope to market in the future. Here's my first prototypes:

Hope everyone in the US had a wonderful holiday weekend. Our weather was great for the outdoor wedding we attended for our friend's daughter. We were so happy that they had the perfect day. The details they put into their wedding were fantastic. They did the whole theme as a music venue event. The save the date announcement looked like a medium sized concert poster. The invitation was like a concert brochure. The wedding had a music theme with concert passes that hang from your neck with the program on the back. It was so much fun. I thought I would share a few of the ideas.

The gorgeous setting of the Sagamore at

Lake George.

Our friend's beautiful daughter and new husband.

What joy!

The Wedding Programs All Access Pass.

The table setting with the table numbers on records, the menu like a concert brochure, and the favor is a CD of songs from the wedding that looks like a mini LP record.

My husband, me, our oldest daughter and her new husband of almost a year. Where does the time go?

School starts today, for our younger two, so I have the house to myself.
Guess I better get back to work. That means the whirlwind of the past week is over and I need to pick up the dust / debris created. I hope I can sneak a few minutes to peak at some of the blogs I have missed over the last week.
Take care,


  1. What a neat theme for the wedding, which appears to have gone off very smoothly! Lovely pictures.
    Love your little cellphone purses, hope they "do good" for you. Enjoy the quiet of the house for awhile, and welcome back!

  2. Dear Debra,
    The wedding looked incredible. The bride and groom look happy, so nice. ;-)
    Good little cellphone bags!
    You are such a talented and pretty woman.


  3. Such a creative theme for a wedding. Too clever!

  4. Your bags are adorable!
    And the wedding. Her dress looked so classic and lovely.

  5. Lovely wedding and the bride looks like a sweet person. I think most people fall off the blogging train during the summer.


  6. We certainly have missed you! I think the cell phone purses will be a hit. What a gorgeous wedding dress and terrific theme for the day. It all looks so lovely. Ann :)

  7. gorgeous! lucky for the couple that they had good weather! I have never been there... yet!

  8. The cell phone purses look great!
    What a fun theme for a wedding, and it looks like it was a splendid day for an outdoor ceremony!
    Congratulations to the happy couple!


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