Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Returning to Blogging

As promised I have added our pictures of our Boston trip below. I have to admit it was hard to write this blog, not because of the content, but I think I am still grieving from the loss of my Grandmother. Writing my little blog felt almost frivolous compared to her life of 88 years. Surviving hardships and raising 6 boys. I am the oldest of 24 grandchildren. (and now there several great-grandchildren.) What a wonderful legacy to leave this world. She was cherished by even the littlest of them. I was able to see family I have not seen in years due to the distances we live apart. I met family I was never able to meet. I wished she could have been there, it would have thrilled her to see us all together. My heart hurt. I was given this message to ease my loss, maybe it will help some of you as well. When I mentioned I wished she could be there, someone said she was. And they were right. They also said the coming together of the extended family was her last gift to us. What a wonderful way to think about it. It made it easier to write this blog. Her life lives on in her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She would be thrilled to see our daughter, her great-granddaughter, grown and headed for college. I realized it is not frivolous to blog about our family having a wonderful time. She cherished each child and would want to know we are happy. She would be so proud to know they are working hard and living their dreams . What a gift to feel so loved!

The colleges: Our family

I could not get used to the old and new architecture side by side all through the city.

Old South Meeting House

Quincy Market.

Old North Church Steeple and interior.

Paul Revere's Home. He raised 16 children in this little house.

My Dad and Boston Harbor.

Thank you for all your kind messages during this difficult time. They meant a great deal to me.


  1. I think that they're right, her gift to you was bringing everyone together again. And going on to learn and to live a productive life would be a way of honoring hers.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, they're lovely!


  2. What you have said in your first paragraph is uplifting and reassuring. My thoughts are still with you. It is strange seeing the old and new next to each other. Maybe an analogy? xxx

  3. A beautiful and sensitive post. Ann

  4. Hi Debra,
    So sorry to hear about your Grandmother. You have the right attitude. It so nice and wonderful you all as a family were together.
    So proud of your daughter. Thank you for the photos of Boston. I have never been. She will be very happy I think going to school there.

    Welcome home!!
    I missed you.


  5. such wonderful photos of boston. grandma would be so proud.
    blessings~ ; )

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  7. Your grandmother sounds an amazing lady. I believe too that your grandmother was there and that families continue into the eternities.
    Happy memories,

  8. Even though this is just a 'little blog', it helps to be able to write it down, share it and make it your own.

    It's a lovely post and Boston looks like a lovely place.


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