Thursday, August 27, 2009

Decorating for Fall

-The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser-in case you thought optimism was dead- Robert Brault

I know, I know, kind of early for this post. I love Summer and we have so few months here in the Northeast you would think I would not rush things. Maybe it is the colder nights (52 degrees) that has me in the cleaning and decorating mood. Or the children going back to school? I dug out some of the decorations and got busy. I thought I would share how to create an easy table scape perfect for a table, buffet, or in this case a coffee table. This method works for any season, so it is versatile as well.

Gather all those pieces. Grapevine wreaths, fall stems etc.

Place the clear glass charger plate upside down to give a lift to the pieces that will be placed on it.

This allows the pieces to be seen instead of sunken inside the grapevine. Anything will due since it will be covered by the floral arrangement.

Place the larger pieces, such as candles and pumpkins on the table and build around them.
Be careful with candles. For safety, mine are always in glass en closers.

Wind a vine of grape vine or leaves around the large pieces.
Keep adding berries, grapes and floral stems.
Fill "holes" with larger flowers and balance the color throughout.

It is that easy. Viola' you are done!

I could not stop and just had fun today. Kind like a play time for a decorating wannbe.
Sunflowers, grasses, and berries for the large urn.

Pears, lemons, leaves, and grasses for the fireplace.

A few urns, berries and gourds dressed up the kitchen stove mantle.

This little urn needed to be decorated for fall.
The nest with an egg marked hope and a bird
seemed perfect for the shallow space around the candle.

The front hall is similar to last year but with a few new accessories that were gifts.

Using a rub-on and a left over bathroom floor tile, I was able to create this plaque. It creates a theme with the birds and the nest.

I hope to be back in my sewing room now that the decorating is done.
Take care,


  1. please love, allow me to cook on that stove top! SWOON
    such beautiful light you are getting, to welcome autumn.

  2. Wow! You are so creative and artistic. Thanks for the process. I love it when someone shares like this. Even though I might not get round to it, I like to think I will. Anyway I can enjoy yours for now.
    Cal xxx

  3. Please pop over to my blog to collect an award ;>

  4. you make it look so easy! Wanna come to my house and do it for me???

  5. Looking LOVELY Debra! It's NEVER to early to push for Autumn!! It's my favorite. Your arrangements are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent!


  6. That's amazing - I wish I could get you to come and decorate my place. I love that you share this talent with us. Ann :)

  7. I know what you mean about the cooler nights making you think of fall. In the Northwest, I was feeling the same thing. Of course getting off of a plane to 111 degrees, took that feeling away!

    Your arrangements are wonderful! I love your idea of using the plate beneath!

  8. So lovely Debra. It's nice to decorate the house, and not just for Christmas.

  9. Simply beautiful, Debra. You share some great decorating ideas.
    I'm looking forward to unpacking my decorations for autumn - all those fall colours are fun to work with.


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