Friday, August 21, 2009

Creating an outdoor Chandelier

Walking through a garden center last weekend we spotted a pergola on sale half price. It took us about 4 hours to put together, but it was worth it. As things seem to go, we have had heavy rains since then, so getting pictures was a little tough.

I love this time of year when the Rose of Sharon are blooming, my favorite is the Blue one.

Looks more purple than blue, but that is how they refer to it.
We have all varieties, both double and single, and most colors. They are beautiful this year. Sitting on the terrace with a cup of coffee in the early morning is a wonderful. The day is quiet, the birds are singing, and the flowers look stunning throughout the garden. Okay I am a romantic, I know.

I wanted a crystal chandelier to hang from the center of the pergola. Using an old brass light fixture from the basement was the key.

First you need to take it apart. Remove any plastic or paper used to create the candles in the electrical fixture.

Using a screw driver, unscrew the screws on the side of the electrical candle holder that hold the wires in place and the unit top and bottom together.

Remove the upper portion of the electrical candle holder. It should slide apart. You can leave the candle cup if you are using taper type of candles, mine were cracked so they were removed to leave a base for wide pillar candles.

Bend the metal that holds the candle flat. I trimmed mine with tin snips, but you can leave them and attach crystals through the screw holes later. Strip the wires from the chandelier. They will pull easily through the top center shaft where it hangs from.

Use spray paint for an outdoor/metal application to change the color to suit your decor. I added plastic crystals since it was going to be outdoors, but old glass ones would be great.

Now where did I put all those extra pillar candles from my daughter's wedding?

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  1. That looks great. I love seeing the process of how tings are made over. x

  2. 'things' not 'tings' whoops - typo! (or it could be the Irish n me ;>)

  3. That's a rather attractive pergola and I adore the addition of a chandelier. You must feel like the Chatelaine sitting there having your coffee. Such an elegant way to start the day. Ann :)

  4. Love the idea of a chandelier outside!
    In fact, I bought a heavy vintage (feels like cast iron)chandelier about 5 years ago to hang on our pergola/arbor/trellis...never sure what to call it. LOL
    Anyway, its still sitting in the basement. Yours looks so good though, I might have to dig out and dust it off and get it hung. :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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