Friday, July 24, 2009

Topiary Frames from Tomato Cages

-Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. -John Muir

Creating inexpensive, but impressive topiary frames is very easy with tomato cages. You know my mantra by now ...Look for form not function. Turning the tomato cage upside down will create a large round base tapering to a point at the top.

The wire legs , now at the top, are wired together to create the top of the topiary frame.

Using a pair of pliers, bend the wired legs down to form loops. This is safer than leaving them straight and gives the frame a finished look.

Pick a section and add wire cross pieces. You can add the wire cross pieces to each section or stagger them. This is completely up to you.

Cross the wire diagonally on the frames. Secure in the middle. The sides are round on your frame, remember not to pull the wire too tight.

Add additional interest to your frames with crystals, beads and charms by threading them on
the wire before creating the frame. (Hint: if painting the frames, make sure to paint the wire before the beads are added.) Adding the beads adds color and interest especially on any frames used indoors for potted plants.

An example of a large tomato cage and painted white. Previously it was painted black and has served our garden for years. These frames are great for clematis in the garden. They are also perfect for a potted plant. The width of the frames fit neatly into the pots. Use landscape
staples to secure to the dirt in the pot.

I have been working inside in my studio / sewing room. The weather this Summer has been unpredictable. On the positive side ,I have gotten some sewing done. My studio is finally getting some much needed touches. The pictures of the garden from above was taken from my studio window. At the very least I can find inspiration by looking out the window to the garden.

Hope you have a great day!



  1. Very inventive and lovely to look at.

  2. What a wonderful topiary. I love the idea of adding the beads! So creative! This is a great idea for some of my houseplants that need some support.

  3. Wow, what a transformation! The addition of the beads is such a good idea. I'm sorry about your weather. We have been fortunate that although the days are cold the sun shines. I'm looking forward to seeing what has kept you busy in the sewing room. Ann :)

  4. You are so good Debra!
    I appreciate you!
    (and your ingenious topiary)

  5. Great idea Debra!

    I'm very envious of your view, my sewing room looks over the street.

  6. I love that you added those beautiful beads. ; )

  7. Dear Debra,
    I forgot to ask, in the first photo, it looks like the wires are bent in in the center (kind of like an hourglass) are they?


  8. what a beautiful garden you your topiary cages


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