Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time to Myself

-I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than to be crowded on a velvet cushion. -Henry David Thoreau

Do you ever have those days when you just need a little time to yourself? To catch up and work on something just for you. So often, I think because I am a wife and mother, I find I put myself on the end of the To do List. I think this is normal, we nurture everyone but ourselves. With the unpredictable weather, I found a few minutes to work in my studio. Finally getting to little projects I placed on the back burner and unpacking things I love to be surrounded by. Last Fall, my oldest had just gotten married and moved to her new home. I thought I would have the Winter to settle in her old room that overlooked the garden. I love the light in this room and the view is inspiring. Well, the notion of a gradual move changed when the reporter from the magazine wanted to shoot pictures in my little studio. It was a mad dash to try and get in some sort of order in just a few days. I had only painted the walls. Moving was more stuff and hide -unexpected company is coming . The photographer asked if I had some black fabric for a background. My answer was.....Ummmm..... (Thinking to myself -If you only knew how much fabric I have, but darn where did I put it) You have to laugh. I know you have been there.

Ann, you commented you wanted to see what I have been working on. Not much really, but it has been fun for me. Hope you will not be sorry you asked. Here are some of the projects. I promise on Friday I will post a tutorial on customizing a journal or sketch book.
Here's a preview:

First my little studio is getting some French touches. I am just starting, but enjoying the process. The hanging lamp received old chandelier crystals, black grosgrain ribbon , and black and white checked bows. A little over the top, but for the queen of embellishment...not too much.

Of course a fancy little stool to work on. It was easy to move from the cutting table to the sewing machines, but not too pretty. I quilted the top and added bullion fringe creating a cover.
A little tuffet.


Sewing curtains. And check out my newest stained glass piece on the window sill. It is a gift for a family member, so I can't show a close up. But I am still enjoying the class each Wednesday.

Unpacked some favorite things. My husband's great -grandmother's ivory and silver sewing kit from the 1800's. Each section of ivory was cut specifically to each of the pieces. If they are lost, no other silver piece will fit. I love the thought that she held them and used them.

Now I treasure them.

Pictures of the Royal Family.

The room is not done, but it has a great start!

Take care,



  1. What an adorable room. I love the things you've shown us, the embroidery, the peek at the stained glass and your DH great grandmother's ivory kit. Such treasures.
    Cal x

  2. Oh Debra, how could I be disappointed with such a delightful piece! The small pearls add such a gorgeous touch. Your sewing room is fit for a queen (love your *crown*). Your work room is wonderfully chic - how you will enjoy your time there creating projects. The stain glass piece is a tease and I can't wait to see the close ups. As for your great-grandmother's sewing kit what can I say? Gasp! It's simply exquisite and just like you see on Antiques Roadshow. I would be happy to just own such a kit but to have a relative's is extraodinary. To me they always look far too *good* to use. What a delightful post. I have enjoyed it immensely. Thank you.

    Ann :)

  3. I love sewing room...I'm waiting for the day when my sewing machine can retire from the kitchen table to a cozy sewing room!!! :)

  4. What a lovely room Debra. It certainly mirrors you! And what a lovely heirloom piece to have, the ivory and silver sewing kit! It is absolutely beautiful!

    It's so nice to be able to have some time for you! Enjoy!


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