Friday, June 26, 2009

Let the fun begin - Marble table top step 2

After the last blog, the primer was completed and dried. The next step, I used a foam roller and applied a black paint to the entire table top. Chose a color for use as a foundation color for your marble. This will be a black and gold type of marble, so black is the most dominate color. It has an antique quality to match the iron.

I have placed a small amount of faux glaze in the plastic container. You can buy it at any paint store or small amounts at the craft store. The glaze is white, but dries clear. Choose a color to create the drifts of minerals in your marble. In this case I am using a milk chocolate type of brown.

Mix the color into the glaze. The color is actually suspended in the glaze and will dry darker.

Using a round paint brush, roll the color onto the surface while dragging the brush at an angle. Imagine large "Y" designs across the surface. Make thicker and thinner areas. The glaze actually does most of the work. Also keep in mind that this is supposed to be stone. Stone is a natural. You really can't make a mistake, because nature is not perfect.

Soften the line with a soft brush. The goal of faux painting is to make sure you don't leave tell tale marks of whatever you are using to create the piece. Example: paintbrush or sponge marks. Make sure that the marks look natural not man made.

Mix another small batch of glaze this time with a color a few shades lighter than the original.

Using the lighter color and the same technique, add highlighted areas to your marble. Make sure you continue over the edge of the tabletop. Real marble would have color all the way through.

Next step is to seal it with water based polyurethane. This is when magic occurs. All the colors will come to life. You can stop here and your piece will look impressive, but tomorrow I will add the white veins to the marble. The poly lets me separate the two colors and creates the depth I look for. The marble fireplace in our family room had numerous layers and took many days to complete, but the results were worth it. This table top just takes a day or two to create, but so beautiful in the end. Join me for the final steps in the next blog.
Until tomorrow...


  1. This is turning out beautifully! Thank you for sharing the techniques.



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