Saturday, June 27, 2009

Final Step of Marble Top Table-veins

The final stage of creating the marble will be the veins that are added. The veins are the fracture like lines that are in real marble. I have seen home shows using feathers to create the veins. That is great, but I am not a professional. I needed a tool readily available to me, so I use a liner brush.
You can pick them up easily at a craft store and use it again on other projects. I thought it was a better investment.

First step:

Mix a bright white paint into the glaze : Check the prior blog for this step. Adding white to white does not photograph well.

Second step:

Using a similar technique to the brown drifts, angle the veins in a diagonal line going in the opposite direction of the drift. Roll and drag the paint brush to create the irregular veins. Again the make them thicker and thinner. Think of making an "X" with the vein and the drift. In real gold and black marble the two components go in opposite directions. Don't be afraid, the glaze does a great deal of the work. The thicker portions of the veins dry brighter, the thinner lighter. It gives the illusion that you are seeing the veins from different depths of the marble.
Soften areas with a soft brush to further create this illusion.

Make several branches on your veins. In this case less is more. Even though some marble has numerous cracks or veins, less is more when painting them. It looks less contrived, more natural in paint to have fewer veins. Experiment, this is your project, it is whatever is pleasing to you.

Use a good quality spray polyurethane to seal the finish. (I used a foam brush and a can of semi-gloss on the fireplace, but I wanted a smoother finish on the table) Gloss gives a more modern polished look. Semi-gloss looks better for the older antique quality. I used semi-gloss to create a more worn over time finish, instead of a newly polished look. Again the magic happens with you use the poly to bring all the colors alive in your marble.

Next blog I will show the dried piece decorated and back in service. An instant antique.

I would love to see what you create.

Until next time...


  1. Very NICE Debra,
    You are a really good faux painter and talentd and RE~creation, in general.
    Just love seeing the progression!


  2. I've seen people use feathers as well, but yours looks just as good!


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