Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Roses for the Crazy Quilt Block

I first want to apologize for my time away from adding blogs. We nearly had catastrophic engine failure in one of our cars due to a defect. Dealing with the car company warranty has taken most of my time. My calls for help being continually transferred to someones recorded voice mail message instead of the person promised, will fuel my nightmares for years. Enough said on the subject. We have all been there and I thank you for your patience.

The work continued on the last crazy quilt piece my children. I hope to have them framed when all three are done.

This section will be a spray of roses in variegated silk ribbon. I have made these roses before, and will use the older pictures for the instructions.

Determine which way you would like your rose to face. (up,down, left, or right). Create an oval of Japanese ribbon stitches. Remember you are recreating nature, it is not perfect. Silk ribbon is the easiest embroidery imaginable. The silk ribbon does the work and you have instant gratification.

The next step is to add the pistil stitches in the direction you would like your rose to face. In this case the rose will face to the left and in an upward direction. Finish the by using the silk ribbon again. Begin layering over the pistil stitches to create the outer layer of rose petals.

Finish by adding your stems and leaves and your have a completed spray.
I hope to recreate our garden in an embroidery as a keepsake for your children. They loved finding the newest bud, bloom, or berry. The evenings as children picking fruit, veggies, and flowers when their father came home from work was a highlight. I hope these pieces will be a wonderful reminder of a their lives shared in the garden.
Next blog- topiary. Also don't forget to join in on the giveaway.
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  1. That is absolutely beautiful! I hope you will share these when you have them completed and framed! A wonderful reminder for your children. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my - beautiful, beautiful work! I'm so stunned by just how detailed it is.

  3. Wonderful. It looks like you pressed a rose cutting between some fabric!

  4. I'm speechless at this beauty. Your embroidery is GORGEOUS!! I want to learn to do this. It would be wonderful if I could embroider the little butterfly in my post. What resources did you use to learn to do this?


  5. I was at the craft shop last weekend looking with much longing at all the beautiful silk ribbons and thinking of your work. I'm not sure I can resist for much longer. I miss this embroidery and still have a selection of unfinished projects. In the meantime I live vicariously through your wonderful creations.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  6. Debra you're trying to convince me that your fantastic work is easy???! I don't think if I had a go that it would end up as anything as awe inspiring as your creations!!!!
    You have a really unique talent and I love your idea of recreating your garden in embroidery format!!


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