Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Creating Topiary in Embroidery

One of my favorite items in a garden is topiary. I love the forms and the whimsy topiary sometimes take. Last year we created another tier to the topiary in front of the fountain.
Creating topiary in embroidery is much quicker than replicating it with plants.

Making topiary is very easy and requires only two embroidery stitches. Wrapped chain stitch for the trunk and colonial knots for foliage.

First design your topiary. Draw it out on your fabric using dressmakers chalk.

Next create the trunk of the topiary by using chain stitches and then wrapping them. Make sure when you wrap the threads through the chain stitches that you are consistent. Each section should always be from Right to Left or Left to Right. Then fill the rest of your design with colonial knots. It does not have to have a perfect edge and in fact will look more natural without a perfect border.

You can leave the topiary at this point or add a highlight to the foliage. Determine the direction of the "sun" and make colonial knots in a lighter shade of green.

This process is certainly quicker than the years it takes to replicate in the garden.

There is only one more space left to embroider on this crazy quilt block. I hope my children will enjoy them.

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  1. Oh I do so love topiary, and the embroidered one is perfect!!

  2. Oh my that's an incredible number of knots! You'd need the patience of Job to sew them all. It has created such a wonderful effect. Simply marvellous.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  3. Your lovely embroidered topiary wont need trimming regularly either!!

  4. Dear Debra,
    Your French knotted topiary are stunning!
    I did leave you a comment yesterday. Did you get it?

    Keep the beauty coming!


  5. Hi Debra,
    Just wanted you to know yesterday, that I had left you a comment the day before, but it didn't show up, so I left you another one.

    Happy Weekend!


  6. That topiary is wonderful.

  7. Your topiary is beautiful!

  8. Debra,

    The garden and the blocks are lovely. I'm sure your children will enjoy.



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