Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Creating Dimensional Flowers - Crazy Quilt Block and Water Lily Pincushion

As promised, here are a few of the flowers made with some of the fibers I picked up on vacation.

First continuing with the crazy quilt block, button hole stitches were added to the organza and wire to create petals. Cut around the outside of each petal very carefully. You can leave them plain or bead the edges.

Metallic thread was added over a plastic ring also using button hole stitches.

The petals are sewn on to a circle of felt, then fuzzy fibers are used to create a base for the center ring.
The covered plastic ring is then sewn in place. Velvet cord is sewn in loops inside the ring. Tack at the base then create the next loop.

Jet beads are added to the center of the ring. Leaves are sewn on to the block and the flower is added over the top.

Next is my new pin cushion. I used a batik fabric I received in a fat quarter swap to create the petals of the water lily. Designing a petal in the size you require is easy. My petals looked like this.

15 Petals were created. They are double sided.( you will need 30 petal pieces) Sew 2 petals right sides together leaving the bottom to turn them right side out. Chain stitch these together using your sewing machine. Wrap them in a circle fashion to create the petals of the lily.

Next select a fabric for the lily pad. Use a plate or the inside of an embroidery hoop to get a perfect circle. Cut 2 circles.

Next I embroidered a dragon fly using some of my new fibers. After adding the dragonfly, the lily pad was quilted using a thin cotton batting. I decided to embroider first, then quilt because some of the fibers in the wings are delicate and would shred going through the bulk. Sew the two circles right sides together leaving a opening to turn.Turn right side out and slip stitch the circle closed . Your lily pad base is complete.

Next we will finish the flower. Begin by cutting a circle of contrasting fabric for the center of your lily. The circle should be about an inch larger than your base to accommodate the fiber fill. Since this would be a pin cushion, I quilted the center of mine using thin cotton batting, but you can leave it plain. Gather the edge of the circle and fill with the fiber fill. Pull the gathering thread tight and then knot the thread. It will look like a "ball".

To finish, slip stitch the center in the middle of your petals. Slip stitch the flower to the top of your lily pad. I also added stiffened embroidery floss to the sides of the lily. The technique was in a prior blog. Otherwise you are done.

It is certainly a fun addition to my sewing room.

Until next time...


  1. Simply beautiful! What a fabulous pincushion and the delicacy of your organza 3 dimensional is breathtaking. It's obvious that you enjoy this craft immensely.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  2. Wow, what a pincushion! A very springtime feel to it.

    The flower is beautiful, and sets off the crazy quilt perfectly.

  3. Were nice Wagonwife.
    Like the textural quality of your water lily Pincushion!
    Happy Spring~


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