Monday, March 16, 2009

Stained Glass

I had an idea to create stained glass pieces (two new ones and restore two family pieces) for our family room windows. I think my social security checks will be rolling in before this project is complete.

The first small window is nearly complete, but I am not sure about the colors. They are brighter than what we expected. All cathedral glass in rich jewel tones, but somehow too bright.The pattern to us actually looks better with the medallion vertical, rather than horizontal.
What do you think?



The solder will have a dark patina when the pieces are complete to help them blend with the older pieces. I am still not sure if I should make a second one to match or start over. This design dilemma may put the hairdresser back on speed dial to cover the gray.

Until next time...


  1. I'm thinking the horizontal myself, but it's you who has to be happy with it.

    It looks very pretty up there in the window, and doesn't look too strong. But again, it's your home!

  2. I like the vertical. I've always thought of stained glass as bright - part of it's charm. How wonderful the colour play will be on your wall/floor. Is there anything you can coat the glass with to soften the colours? Perhaps you should leave it there a bit longer to see if it grows on you?

    Thanks for the comment on my blog - I'm always looking for a reliable (justifiable?) excuse to buy fabric! It doesn't help that the local fabric shop has fat quarters for $1.50 and $2.

    Cheers...Ann :)

  3. I like the vertical.

    The horizontal orientation (to me), looks like it is "squished" into the place.

    It is a lovely piece. As for the brightness, I don't know. You may have to let it "grow" on you. *grin*



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