Monday, March 23, 2009

Creating Embroidered Monarda

The weather once again has turned cold here in the Northeast. The grass is finally peaking out in spots and the mounds of snow are slowly becoming smaller. "Feasting" on garden magazines and books seems to be a way of life, until we can actually work outside.

In searching the photos of our garden in past years, I came across the red Monarda. The flower is unusual. Creating it in embroidery seemed like a challenge.

Using a fiber to create the dark centers of the Monarda gives it a realistic look. Red Silk Ribbon creates the petals. The stems are created with perle cotton in a vibrant green. The debate is on regarding the leaves. I think glass leaves might just win out.
Until I decide, I will be praying for warm weather. The calendar does say it is Spring.
Until next time...


  1. Such a pretty flower, both real and interpreted!

    I hope you get your spring soon. We're having our typical Indian summer here - warm days and chilly nights. I love autumn!

  2. Your interpretation is spot on. Glass leaves sound interesting. I hope Spring arrives for you soon, I'm terribly keen for autumn to come. The days are still much too hot.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :0

  3. You've done a gorgeous job on recreating the flower, I have never seen it, and it is a beautiful flower.

    Glass leaves? Sounds very intriguing.

    Our spring is slow to get to us too. We are not blanketed in snow, but temps are definitely cooler than normal.


  4. Your needlework is so beautiful.
    We are having cold weather again too. Had a little snow last week, now it's sunny but windy as heck.
    I loved the blog on monograms too.


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