Friday, February 20, 2009

It's the little things-Warmth, green grass and flowers, leaves on the trees

Last week I had some hope. Two, count them, two days of 50 degree weather. It melted a great deal of snow and ice. We have layers of both currently frozen solid from the many snow and ice storms.

It is a holiday week for school here. The kids are off enjoying the break. I travelled out of state to pick up our older child from college so he could also enjoy the long weekend they had at home. The weather was bright and sunny. Spring is only weeks away right?

We had another snow storm. 8 inches, replacing some of what we lost. Our generator kicked in all night from the power losses. My reason for telling you all this? I thought I would share with you the humor that helps keep me going.

My brother decided to send me a birthday gift. Something I could use here in the Northeast. Thoughtful of him. Let me share it with you.

I went out early to dig out the mailbox this morning-I knew it would come in handy.

The poor mailbox was lost in the banks of snow. The plow has actually pushed everything to the left and it is now frozen in that position until Spring. But please do not feel sorry for us here. I have loving relatives to help rescue us.

Thanks Dave - I love you too.

Until next time...


  1. With family like that, a sense of humour is definitely an asset. *grin*

    And what will you be sending him?


  2. :)

    hi debra,

    i was one of your swapmates in the FQ exchange. thanks for the fabric! i especially love the vw bugs one--i've had a tiny scrap of it for awhile and it's great to have more that i can really work with.

    forgive me for not including a letter as you did--i had a short window of time to get to the post office and hadn't yet written anything. oops! but you can learn more about me at

    what an honor to be featured in the magazine! congrats (and your studio is to die for).

    erin a.

  3. Hi Debra!!!

    email me! and then I'll write...


  4. Hi Debra,

    I'm leaving a comment!! on the Fat Quarters you sent me for the FQ swap on SewMamaSew.....they are perfect! the colors I love and the coffee cups nice.

    Thank you, Debra...I was lucky to have been paired with you (but more importantly...the random fabric sort found me!).

  5. Hi Debra:
    That is funny!!! We've had a little bit of warmer weather too, but we are not done with winter. Last year we had snow in May and it froze our garden.


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