Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Delphinium in Ribbon

I find inspiration in the garden for my embroidery. Each year I take pictures of the blooms to recreate in my pieces. As the work continues on the 3rd block for my children, last year's blooms are again drawing me to create. The inspiration for this section is the delphinium.

The blue color is beautiful and the petals shape will be fun to recreate.

Working with perle cotton use a raised stem stitch to create the stem.

Next choose the color of ribbon to begin making the petals.

The smaller stems will be added after the flowers are completed. This section of the crazy quilt is perfect for the tall delphinium flower.

I love to create flowers from the photos of our garden. Here some examples of past blooms.

The picture:

The embroidery:

The picture:

The embroidery:

The picture:

The embroidery:

So dig out those Summer photos or search the Internet for inspiration.

Until next time...


  1. Ooo goody, another flower on the go!!

    Keep warm :o)

  2. I feel quite spoiled seeing all your beautiful silk ribbon embroidery especially as your garden provides you with such inspiration. I adore the little bee!

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  3. Breathtaking.

    You never cease to amaze me. Your flowers both in the garden and not, are lovely. I can see how you can be inspired.



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