Friday, January 23, 2009

Completed Delphinium in Ribbon

As our mailbox is completely buried in a snow bank.

I am still daydreaming of the garden. The warmth of those days and the bright blooms lift every one's spirits.

My garden can currently only be seen in pictures and in my embroidery. The snow banks are higher than the hedges.

The delphinium is completed on the crazy quilt section in the following way.

Using a Japanese ribbon stitch create each petal in a downward slant from your stem. The Japanese ribbon stitch is made by bringing the ribbon through the fabric from the back and laying flat on the fabric. Next take the needle back through the ribbon to the back of the fabric. Pull slowly until you see a point form. The length of each petal is produced by the length of the ribbon. Starting from where it came through the fabric to where it goes back through to the back.

Next add beads to create the center. Stitch beads on top of the ribbon. Next add the upper layer of ribbon petals. These petals will sometimes cover your beads. This "sandwich" effect gives the flower a more realistic look. Continue adding flowers along the stem.

Finally, fill in the spaces with the smaller stems with your green perle.

Today I was honored in a local magazine with 3 other quilters. We are all from different decades and all have different styles. It has been so exciting and I am very happy to be included with these very talented ladies. What a great experience it was to work with the talented people from our local magazine. As much as I love what I do, you can see they love what they do as well. What fun!

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  1. I'm dreamimg of snow, lots of it...

    My garden is being scorched by the hot dry winds and searing heat. The lawn, which was lush and green before Christmas is now brown and dry. Oh well, it's only grass.

    Your delphiniums are delightful and it's wonderful that your local paper has featured local quilters including yourself. You certainly deserve that recognition.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  2. You're right, it IS a delphinium!!

    The magazine write-up looks wonderful! I hope this leads to even grander things. :o)

  3. what en extra ordinary talent you have, it is absolutely beautiful. i wish i could see the whole thing. i should post my heart pillow i made out of crazy quilting, it was fun to do.

  4. What an accomplishment! Congrats on the article. Well deserved.

    The delphinium is definitely that!


  5. Your work is so lovely! Thanks for sharing your techniques! I am also so delighted for you to be featured in the article! What an honor! Stay warm!


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